Daredevil Nik Wallenda Walks Across Tightrope in Downtown Chicago, IL
Photos by Debra K Gutierrez
Wallenda's shadow on Leo Burnett Building

From Marina's City's West Tower (588 feet!) to Leo Burnett Building in just under seven minutes.

Sunday - November 2, 2014


From Marina City's West Tower to the east Tower in one minute 20 seconds, BLINDFOLDED!

CBS News Chicago

Chicago River

35 year-old Nik Wallenda a member of 'The Flying Wallendas' founded by his grandfather Karl Wallenda in 1920.

Radio Host George Bliss (left)

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Nik Wallenda participated in various circus acts as a child. At age 13, he made his professional tightrope walking debut. He chose high-wire walking as his career in 1998, after joining family members in a seven-person pyramid on the wire. In 2001, Wallenda was part of the world's first seven-person high-wire pyramid. From 2002 to 2005, he performed with his family at various venues, forming his own troupe in 2005.

Hesston Steam Museum

1201 E. 1000 N.
Laporte, Indiana

Hesston Steam Museum displays steam-operated machinery, an electric power plant, saw mill, blacksmith shop, and steam locomotives, including and a Shay type. Ride three different trains that include the vintage Kiddieland railroad. Doc’s Soda Fountain has hand-scooped ice-cream, burgers,  and more. The museum is located at 1201 E 1000 North, Hesston, Indiana (La Porte, Indiana).
Open Memorial weekend; Summer weekends through October; Two weekends in December.

The Hesston Steam Museum keeps the history of narrow gauge steam railroads alive.  Geared locomotives like this 1929 Shay were a common site in logging camps and gold and silver mines in the west.
Like all steam engines, our locomotives burn fuels such as coal or wood to produce steam to drive the wheels.  You'll love the sights, sounds and smells of real steam engines.  Ride along with us on a beautifully wooded railroad traveling over hills and past lakes and farm fields on a two and a half mile journey back in time.