The Bridge is OUT!

Northwest Indiana's Longest Bridge

Photos by Debra K. Gutierrez
On Route 41, Indiana's longest ironclad bridge over a nobody of water has served NW Indiana commuters with a safe passageway over numerous train tracks in Gibson Rail Yard for over 75 years.

Photos of the 9-span bridge before and after demolition:

Indianapolis Boulevard North of Michigan Street (2013)

 Traveling South over the Bridge (2012)

East of the 9-Span Bridge (January 2013)

The bridge contract was awarded to Illinois' Dunnet Bay Construction Company.

West of the Bridge (April 2013)

Columbia Avenue (March 2013)

Indpls. Blvd. South of Gibson Yard (March 2013)

Summer St. (March 2013)

Indpls. Blvd. North of Gibson Yard (April 2013)
Some of the nine steel spans from the bridge will be recycled to areas where a shorter span of bridge will suffice.

"So long! Indiana's Iconic Bridge."